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Wellbore departure

We offer the following wellbore departure systems:

  • - Mechanically set whipstocks for 140, 146, 168, 178 or 245-mm casings;

  • - Hydraulically set whipstocks for 140, 146, 168-mm casings.

Wellbore departure systems include:

  • A non-retrievable whipstock used to orient a mill or a bit from the original wellbore while milling a window in the casing. 

  • A single-pass starting mill used to shape a window in the casing for the bit to pass through. 

Main benefits:
  • Sidetracking in one run with a high-speed window milling in the casing and drilling.

  • On-site mounting.

The unique design of the equipment minimizes the risk of the BHA getting stuck.