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Оn December 17 and 20, two HSE for Youth workshops on the topics “Personal Safety” and “Road Safety” were conducted for 40 children of Radius Service employees in Zyukaika village and Perm city.

The workshops were held in an interactive way and involved games, discussions and team work. The children experienced lively and memorable emotions watching animations on safety at home and on the streets, demonstrated the right way of crossing over a road trying the roles of pedestrians or drivers.


The children liked finding answers to the questions, making decisions themselves and discussing problems. At the end of the workshop there was a ceremony of awarding certificates and memorable gifts. The event culminated with a festive tea party with sweets and a cake bearing the HSE for Youth Logo!

The children chorused ‘Yes!’ answering the organizers’ question whether they would like to participate in such workshops again and shouted gladly that they were willing and ready to listen and discuss any topic. Children’s joyful shouting is the highest honor for the Radius-Service team.

Not only children but their parents and volunteers got positive thinking and energy boost from the workshops! Such events are extremely valuable and important because they encourage children and help them make right decisions and develop communication and social skills.