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In the modern world, the success of the company depends not only on the quality of their products and services but also on commitment to such issues as workplace and industrial safety, occupational health and environment. Compliance with the quality and HSE standards (Health, Safety, Environment) is mandatory for Radius-Service’s employees. The company holds trainings and meetings, runs sessions where they simulate hazardous situations, seek solutions and scrutinize root causes of the hazards. In brief, the company is applying various teaching techniques so that employees learn to see and reveal potential hazards and find ways of their prevention. 

In May 2019, a team from Radius-Service attended SCHLUMBERGER SAFE FORUM in Tyumen.


Various business units of Schlumberger participated and several themed zones were set up:

  • HSE training
  • Virtual reality
  • HSE reporting
  • 4-step solution
  • Driving
  • Health
  • Nudges

  • The participants split into teams. Each team had to pass through each zone to gain new expertise, validate and demonstrate skills and competencies (e.g. detect hazards while wearing a VR headset, demonstrate physical fitness, talk on a healthy lifestyle, etc.).

  • The Forum was held to a very high standard and was extremely useful for the participants, as they mastered new knowledge and practices, which they will definitely apply in their home locations. Such events are evidence of the high corporate culture of the company showing the effective implementation of the HSE culture in action. 

  • The team of Radius-Service got an award – an Oil Drop statuette – for promoting the HSE culture and active engagement in the Forum.